Meredith was an invaluable help to us. We took her newborn and breast feeding course about 5 weeks before our son Henry was born. She was knowledgeable and instructive without overwhelming or intimidating us. We were able to come up with “goals” for feeding Henry which included exclusive nursing and no pacifier or formula. When birth didn’t go as planned and Henry ended up in the NICU and was give a pacifier and formula straight away, Meredith helped us get back on track. She coached us through Henry’s time in the NICU. He surpassed his birth weight within a week and now at 10 weeks is in the 96th percentile being exclusively fed breast milk (mixing bottle and breast). I’m not sure we’d have this level of success had it not been for Meredith’s wise coaching.
— Caroline and Nick

Meredith’s newborn care class is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know before you deliver. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time with a single other class! Before taking her class, I had taken a group breastfeeding class and left still feeling unprepared. Meredith is so knowledgeable, reassuring, and thorough, providing just the right amount of detail. It is such a treat to be able to learn from her in your own home and to be able to ask any and all questions comfortably. I turn to her tips constantly, from breastfeeding to burping to bathing and all-things infant care. She even helped us learn and practice CPR. I am so grateful to know her and for everything she’s taught us!
— Kate and Cryder

Meredith is extremely knowledgeable and so easy to talk to you. She is informative, engaging, and down to earth. Your questions will be answered in no time! The class really put us at ease about becoming parents. Her use of props such as dolls, swaddles,and videos really helps you understand what is going on beyond just reading a book or website. She went over all the basics- breastfeeding, swaddling, soothing techniques, sick baby care,infant/child CPR, and more. Her professional handout is a fabulous resource that we can refer to both before and after our baby is here. After taking Meredith’s class, we feel much less overwhelmed about caring for our newborn. I cannot believe we covered so much and in such great detail in a short time. I highly recommend this class!
— Helen

Meredith’s class was so incredibly helpful. We were first time parents - and the class answered all of our questions and put us at ease. Meredith was great in answering any and all of our questions. In addition, the class materials were so helpful, we referred to her book as our son’s owners manual and we referred back to it all the time once our son was born. Highly recommended!
— Lily and Nick

As a soon to be new Dad I found taking Meredith’s class really helpful and informative. There is a lot about child birth and the first few weeks immediately after that I didn’t know and Meredith did a great job of walking my wife and I through everything, providing us a really useful handout and answering all of our questions. I think the handout was a huge bonus because it will be a great resource to use in the future. I also was really happy to go through the CPR portion of things in case the situation should ever arise. I’d highly recommend the class it is an extremely well spent few hours!
— Ryan

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